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Hi, I’m Ashley, a small-town Wisconsin native, who at the age of 31, left a career in corporate Health Care in 2019 to embark on the trip of my life.

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Drone photos. Scuba Diver. Ocean Hero. Promoter of helping people save money, chase their dreams, and travel.

After high school, my five year plan (laughingly) consisted of a nice house, marriage, career, and kids. Truth be told, that was only my five-year plan because it was everyone’s plan at that age. Sure, it sounds nice but, it really wasn’t my dream life. Knowledge was always my drive, learn more, do more, be better.

Shortly after college, we all started to grow up and quit the townie bar scene. It became apparent that I was almost always the single one in the group. No kids, no man, you know, living the dream with the cutest dog ever, Porter.

What does living the dream even mean? Well, apparently work, more work, no time to do anything besides work so, saving money, A LOT of Netflix, the occasional drink(s) down at The Corner Bar in the hood, and planning trips with friends that we never end up taking.

(PS) You can find Porter on the gram @ThePrincePorter. But, seriously follow him - he's way cooler than that golden retriever from Cali you started following last week.

December of 2015, my dad unexpectedly passed away and, I was left feeling … well, everything. But, mainly lost, as if I was missing something, and desperately needing something more.

Feeling confident that I would not find whatever it was in my small-town, it was clear to me that I need to take a trip. Where, with who? Solo, group, or with one friend?

Anyone else a big believe that everything happens for a reason? Sometimes the reason is for you, sometimes it’s not, and sometimes you never get to know. Well, that’s how my trip worked out.

My trip to Bermuda completely changed me and my life. Yes, I know, so basic. But, it’s true. Ultimately, I realized what was lost, missing, and what I was desperately needing. Happiness.

For the next three years, I worked two jobs, 60-100 hours a week, and saved every penny I possibly could. Finally, November of 2019, I boarded my very first one-way flight to Tahiti!

Since embarking on that plane I've spent my time enjoying life and the simplicities it offers, sharing my life and personal journey with total strangers on the internet, publishing travel tips on my website, trying my hardest to inspire men and women around the world to chase after their dreams, scuba diving, beach bumming, always picking up trash, and promoting fellow ocean hero’s to join together and inspire all of us to do better.

The number one question I’m asked is, ‘How can you afford this?’. As I mentioned above, I worked for three years saving every penny I possibly could. So, I’m surviving off savings and the Patron page that I created.

What is Patreon? It’s another social media platform where people can subscribe for a dollar amount to help people like myself continue to grow. It’s very strange and uncomfortable to ask people for money but, if for some reason I inspire you or you simply love and wish you could do what I’m doing and would like to help me travel on and continue to produce all this content for everyone to enjoy, click here to check it out.


Why I Quit My Corporate Health Care Career to Travel the World