Part Two: Why I cried in Tijuana

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Alright so, I’m back — I totally forgot the part about why I was crying.

So, the entire time [I'm] driving down the coast .. which, is gorgeous by the way and I highly recommend it. And, it would be way better on a motorcycle then in a car. So, I’m driving and everything is just so gorgeous! I mean driving in the city it’s kind of whatever but, you’re constantly looking at the ocean or the mountains or this distant island. The entire drive I keep thinking to myself, god, my dad I would love this, he would just die for this, this is so amazing. I’m driving from Tijuana to Rosarito and I’m staring out over the ocean to this giant island and I just started bawling. Which I’m kind a hoping I don’t do right now. Because, this may sound really fucking weird to some people but I carry a little bag of my dad’s ashes in my purse. So I realized this whole entire trip my dad has been sitting on my passenger seat being my copilot the entire time. I’m just crying so hard, I have to pull over on the freeway because I can’t be driving like that.

It was an epic spot to pull over, it was gorgeous view and I just gave myself a couple minutes let the tears roll out and just smile and laugh because he’s been with me the whole time enjoying this journey as well. Alright, that’s it that’s why I was crying.

Have a good night everyone.

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