Free and Inexpensive places to visit in Bermuda

Bermudians ammi right?! When it comes to doing this on the island there is actually a really long list of incredible places and activities Bermuda offers and yes, they are 100% FREE 

All the Forts – From St. George's to the Royal Navy Dockyard there are over 15 forts and they're all free. St. Catherine's and The Commissioners house double up as museums so there is a small fee of $7 dollars or so - well worth it if you love history. 

Railway Trail – If you're looking for a great place to take a walk or run while enjoying the beautiful ocean views you'll definitely want to keep an eye out for the Railway signs. Note they're brown but, you'll be able to easily spot many of the trails from the road. 

The Unfinished Church - Another gem located in St. George's. The Gothic ruins are actually UNESCO world heritage site. You can stop here and then find a bunch of Forts on this end of the island. Make sure to visit St. Catherine's and Alexandra's Battery or see if you can find the sea glass beach!

Royal Naval Dockyard - is a very great area. You should definitely plan on spending a few hours walking around and a few more hours for the museum. On my last trip museum was $7.


Cathedral Cave (free) is located on Grotto Bay Resort property. You'll notice that the entire island of Bermuda is a very at your own risk place. So, proceed with caution. Once you park, walk towards the water and stay towards the left. You’ll eventually see a small warning sign, that's the entrance. Walk down the steps and hang out in the cave for a bit. The water can be a bit chilly but go for it, have some fun, take a dip. Blue Hole Water Sports rental is also on the property where you can rent out a boat or set up dives.

Blue Hole Hill  (free) is pretty hard to find without a local—I'll try my best. Again, this is also at your own risk. How to get there—if you're coming from the Airport towards Hamilton Parish you'll cross over the bridge (The Causeway) and it'll be a small park on your left hand side, called Blue Hole Park. If you hit Swizzle Inn on your right, you've gone too far. 

Follow the path and see what kind of fun you can have! There's 3-4 different locations for some swimming, cliff jumping, and cave exploring.

Admiralty House Park (free) Pack a cooler and spend the entire day here! It really has something for everyone and moms - it's even kid friendly. You can swim, snorkel, cliff jump, swim around in the caves, walk around in the caves, or just lounge at one of the beaches. You can also snorkel around the point over to deep bay. If you get lucky there might be a catamaran there with a boat full of tourists and swizzle on tap!

All of the Beaches!! – Saving the best for last! It would probably take you a week to stop at every single beach for a few hours from St. George's to the Royal Navy Dockyard and they're all free, you don't even have to pay for parking! Like any other beach, please, please be sure to take your trash with you when you leave.

Below are inexpensive things to do.

Fantasy Caves & Crystal Caves are a really great way to learn about the caves and their history. Last time I was there the prices were: $22 each or $30 for both caves.

Gibbs Lighthouse –was built in 1846 out of cast iron and it was actually the second one in the world. You can go inside the gift shop, buy a ticket, climb up 185 steps and enjoy one hell of a view. There’s even a door that opens so you can walk around the lighthouse outside. $2.50

Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo - Totes adorbs animals all over!!

Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute - (BUEI) is very informational and they just announced a new exhibit, Bermuda Triangle: Unlock the Secrets. Hopefully this is still open in May, because I absolutely cannot wait to see this!! $15.00


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