Bermuda: Setting The Standard For Pandemic Tourism

Photo of the ocean with the words Bermuda

August 10th, 2020

When it comes to countries opening for tourism, the lovely island of Bermuda, famous for its pink sand beaches, is showing the rest of the world what they should be striving to achieve.

On July 1st, 2020, the airport in Bermuda resumed operations. Today marks day 41 since Bermuda officially re-opened its boarders to visitors and residents. To date, there have been ZERO visitors with positive COVID test results. It is important to note that citizens/permanent residents are not required to have a negative test prior to arrival. However, they must quarantine on arrival until their day four test is resulted negative.


Prior To Arrival:

  1. Negative PCR COVID-19 test taken within five days of arrival. My testing center informed me that I must remain quarantined from testing to results.
  2. Negative results must then be uploaded to obtain a Travel Authorization from the Bermuda government. This is easily accomplished online.
  3. Pay $75 for the Travel Authorization.
  4. To board your plane to Bermuda you must present your travel authorization and passport to the gate agent.

On Arrival:

  1. Each person will have to stand in line, six feet apart, even if you live in the same household.
  2. Your temperature will be taken prior to entering the airport.
  3. Present a copy of your Travel Authorization and negative PCR COVID-19 test results. An image on your cell phone is acceptable. The nurse will kindly explain everything to you and what you must do moving forward.
  4. Proceed through immigration and customs.
  5. Pick up your baggage.
  6. Upon exiting the airport, you will be directed to the testing tent.
  7. There you will complete your arrival test and must remain quarantined in your accommodations until you are emailed your negative results. My test results were emailed to me 8 hours after testing, almost to the minute.
    1. Testing applies to adults and children ages 10 and up. Children less than 10 years-old are exempt from testing.
  8. Private transportation must be used to get to your accommodation. You many only depart the airport via prearranged transport or via taxi. Public transportation such as the bus, is not allowed during the quarantine timeframe.
  9. A face mask must be worn when riding to your accommodation.

On Island:

  • Once you are emailed your negative results from arrival you are free to enjoy paradise, I mean Bermuda.
  • When in public spaces, all people must practice social distancing and wear a mask.
  • You must record your temperature twice per day. If at any time you spike a fever, (over 100.4F or 38C) you must contact public health by email, [email protected]
  • All visitors and residents must be tested on day four, eight, and fourteen. For visitors, 24 hours before you are due for your test, you will receive an email with the time and location. Should you need to change the time you can call the COVID hotline to reschedule on (441) 444 – 2498.

Positive Test Result

If at any time, a person tests positive, an ankle monitor will be applied to that person and they will be required to quarantine for 14 days, at their own expense.

Bermuda is truly showing the rest of the world how to safely open for tourism, while protecting the health of their citizens, their visitors, and build up their economy back up. Perhaps coronavirus gets lost in the triangle or perhaps Bermuda is showing the world that it is possible to walk, talk, and chew gum at the same time.

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