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There are many bars on the island. One day I will have made it to all of them. For now, here's a bit more information for you. You’ll notice a lot of places are located on Front Street. This is where the cruise ships dock, so of course the area is loaded with many bars and restaurants.  Pickled Onion is good for dancing at night. It comes with a balcony outside. Flanagan's can be fun and has really good food. Docksider's can be low-key fun.

girl in a yellow dress at newstead resort and spa in bermuda

Places to Drink

Bermuda Bistro aka The Beach - My #1 Favorite. If you're into hip hop, good food, and hanging with the locals this will be a good spot for you. They often have a DJ at night. You should expect the volume to go up around 10 pm. 103 Front Street

Bulli Social - One word comes to mind when I think of Bulli Social, quaint! It's an outdoor bar with cute string lights and giant wood tables from big wire. Bartenders are amazing and the prices are just right! 7 Queen Street

The Mariner's Club - This establishment used to be a member only location but, in recent years they have opened it up to the public. One thing they have that most places on island do not have is a pool table! Drinks are generally cheaper. 22 Richmond Rd


newstead resort in bermuda picture of the sunset. Palm trees and pool

Newstead Belmont Hills - (pictured above) Friday night happy hour is an absolute MUST DO!! Gorgeous views, strong drinks, and friendly staff. Happy hour goes from 5-9 pm. If you're driving, try to get there as early as possible. Parking fills up quick and there's not much street parking available. You can also take the ferry from Front St. There's something about arriving to this beautiful destination by boat seems way cool. They also have a DJ and delicious food offered at their restaurant. Cash or a card are both accepted but you will have to buy drink tickets for the bar. My first time here, the family that owns the establishment happened to be enjoying happy hour as well. Wonderful and humble people. 27 Harbour Road


photo of feet up on a railing with a minosa

Port O' Call - Since this place is a hot spot for after work drinks, you will find the place crowded at 5:01 pm with everyone in suits. Great drink options here! 87 Front Street

Doghouse - Is one of the newer establishments gracing Front St. If you're looking to dance the night away with some great loud music, this is your spot for sure. 93 Front Street

Swizzle Inn –"Swizzle inn and swagger out" Every Bermudian will tell you this is a must do place. Make sure to bring something to stick, hand, or write on the walls with. The Causeway is the original location and my favorite. There are two locations; one by The Causeway, 3 Blue Hole Hill and another located at 87 South Road


Bermuda flag from front street

Tips: No drinking and driving! There are roadside checks.

Take a bus into town and a taxi home.

Note: you must have exact fare in change or cash for the bus. The drivers do not have any change. They have bus stops with enclosed stops and in some areas it’s just blue or pink poles in the ground. Pink poles represent stops for buses that are headed into Hamilton and Blue poles are for buses that are headed away from Hamilton. Click here for the Bus schedule.

If you happen to have two people with bikes, double up on one motorbike, leave one in town and one at home. Go have some fun, get drunk, and take a taxi or Hitch home. (Hitch is like Uber or Lyft). Sleep in and retrieve the bike you left in town by doubling up on the bike you left at home.

Hitch vs Taxi? My vote is Hitch ! As I mentioned above, Hitch is Bermuda’s version of Uber/Lyft. Taxi's in Bermuda are notorious for either never showing up or taking hours. Literally, I've been left waiting over three hours on Front St alone and intoxicated after calling for a taxi. If you do find yourself stranded at bar close, it might be a good idea to walk over to Mr. Chicken (27 Queen St) kill some time with food.

Bar close is 4 am so pace yourself. 

*Ladies, as always, please use your common sense and be safe. A good rule of thumb my dad always shared was that nothing good ever happens after midnight. For that reason, I never stay out past dark unless I'm with a local friend.

Places to Eat

Honestly, I'm a fat kid at heart, I love all the food. While you’re dining out, make sure to try: Rockfish, Wahoo, and of course meat pies!

Here’s a list of my favorite dinner spots:

Rosa's - Amazing Mexican food!! Try the antijitos, they are delicious!! 121 Front St

Jamaican Grill - Looking for street meat?? You found it! Seriously amazing! I had the jerk chicken and they even hand picked out the bones for me. 32 Court St

Beluga Bar – Is located inside the mall. They have very, very good Sushi!!! We had so much food off this menu. I’m not even kidding just our food ended up being $250 for two. 18 Church St

Henry VIII - Absolute must! If you can, go on a Saturday night and stay for the dancing! 69 South Road

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Best places to eat and drink in Bermuda by
BBest places to eat and drink in Bermuda by ashmonster.comest placese to eat and drink in Bermuda by
BeBest places to eat and drink in Bermuda by ashmonster.comst placese to eat and drink in Bermuda by
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