Spittal Pond Nature Reserve Bermuda

Spittal Pond also shows off an intense pink body of water

Along with Bermuda’s famous pink sand beaches, Spittal Pond also shows off an intense pink body of water once a year. This is caused by a seasonal bloom of billions microscopic phytoplankton cells. When the waters are warm and specific nutrients are enriched, they reproduce rapidly gifting visitors and residents with an amazing sight. Watch […]

Drone Photography

Why drone photography? Well, of course, drones are fun and awesome to fly! However, my purpose is deeper. As a full-time travel blogger, the opportunity to fly my drone worldwide is both beautiful and rewarding. Most of us have never even had the chance to fly over our own homes let alone small, remote islands. […]

Tips to Make TSA Easier


If you’re not a frequent flyer, airports can be busy and downright intimidating places. Every airport is different so it’s important to be prepared prior to leaving for the airport. Below are ten easy steps you can take to make you TSA experience easier. Maybe it’s my type A personality but, I find airports to […]