Drone Photography

Why drone photography? Well, of course, drones are fun and awesome to fly! However, my purpose is deeper. As a full-time travel blogger, the opportunity to fly my drone worldwide is both beautiful and rewarding.

Most of us have never even had the chance to fly over our own homes let alone small, remote islands. When traveling I like to share my footage with the natives as much as possible. Watching them see their own land from the heights of a drone, and the joy they express is beyond rewarding.

Professionally, it gives me the opportunity to showcase and share gorgeous parts of the world many might never get the chance to otherwise see. All around, it is genuinely a beautiful experience.

Enjoy the best shots from my DJI Mavic 2 Pro, below.

shot from Tahiti French Polynesia
drone shot from Waterford WI
girl on black sand beach tahiti french polynesia
pink sunset from the island of tahiti
drone shot from Tahiti French Polynesia
drone shot from Tahiti French Polynesia
drone image of palm trees from the island of tahiti
Black and white photo of Ashley Flying her drone

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