Five Ways to Save Over $5,000

Saving money can be hard. Cost of living and debt seem to constantly be on the rise. Online shopping is so addicting, expensive, and of course you need to have a social life. Here are five easy ways you can start saving real money today!

Stop Paying For:

  1. Cable services! Streaming services are where it's at nowadays. Look into getting a Roku or something similar. The average cable bill is $100/month. Keep that extra $1,200 year for yourself.
  2. Cancel your Blue Apron, Ipsy, barkbox, or whatever you subscribe to for $10/month and save that $120/year.
  3. Skip the daily coffee run on your way to work. BREW YOUR OWN. Given you're not drinking some sugar-filled, whipped topping, Venti Starbucks drink on the regular, the average cup of Joe will run you $3 per day. That's over $780 a year!
  4. Quit eating expensive lunches and strive for $1 dollar lunches. This could be a fun and creative challenge. With the cheap cost of vegetables in the US and other areas it will save you money and you'll get to have healthy meals. That's a win/win. Save that $4/day and keep the extra $1,040/year in your bank account.
  5. Open a savings account & transfer $50/week into that account ($2,600/year)

TotalĀ Savings = $5,740!

What will you do with all your extra money?


These five ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. 
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