Why You Should Book With Delta When Pandemic Flying

photo of ashley flying with delta and her wings

PANDEMIC FLYING: My experience with Delta, HIGHLY recommend

BOOKING: Operating per usual. There are mask policies that are included with Terms and Conditions that you must agree to. If you have any questions about the destination you are traveling to, Delta has an online travel restriction guide. It includes information for every US state along with every country in the world. This guide they have put together is by far the most comprehensive list I have seen thus far.

You will also notice that single middle seat is unavailable. This is currently set to be active through Sept 30th, no exceptions. This is honestly incredibly nice, and how lovely would it be to have that much space on every flight?!
CHECK IN: Online or via Delta App within 24 hours of flight. Boarding passes can either be emailed to you or available in the app. Personally, I add them to my iPhone wallet.
BAG CHECK: No curbside check was running in Chicago. ALL agents working were wearing masks & super helpful.
SECURITY: TSA Pre✅ was not available in Chicago only a side scanner for pre✅ Plan accordingly and expect to wait.
flying with delta during a pandemic

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MASK: If you plan on going to the airport and getting on a plane to fly, BRING A MASK!! Otherwise, I wish you the best on your trip, HOME.  #nomasknofly
If you by chance have medical issues you can complete a clearance to fly without a mask, this process is a one hour, three-way phone call between you, Delta, and your physician.
AIRSIDE: Most shops are closed. Be sure to plan ahead. Bring snacks & a reusable water bottle. This is not only financially responsible, but eco-friendly.
LOUNGES: No lounges appeared to be open in Chicago or Atlanta.
BOARDING: Appeared to be running normally. Those with disabilities, military, first class, and then from the last row to the first row. Efficient & orderly. *When flying internationally you must check in with the gate agent, present your passport along with any required documents for that country to board*
As you board the plane you are greeted by lovely delta flight attendants who are handing out single use Purell hand sanitizer wipes.
ONBOARD: Even with a mask on, I immediately smelled how clean the plane was. Delta has partnered up with Lysol so, the planes are being cleaned beyond the previous standards, but also, every single passenger is taking that disinfectant wipe and again cleaning all the surfaces surrounding them.
All Delta staff were wearing masks for your safety and their own. Prepackaged snacks (yes with an S both a cookie and Cheez Its were in my bag) + a bottle of H2O & sanitizer. Honestly, this process was so quick & efficient I hope they continue this post-pandemic
One of my favorites with Delta, free WiFi (messaging and internet) while in the sky for T-Mobile customers.
Absolutely NO one in the middle seat. To be honest, this was the number one thing that helped calm any anxiety I had about pandemic flying.
delta snack packs
FLYING: No changes, Wonderful
DEPLANING: Front to back
SUMMARY: Honestly, better than I thought it would be. All people were conscious of distance. Employees were pleasant & helpful. Airplane was beyond clean. The no middle seat booking was really the best & seemed to provide a calming atmosphere.

When it comes to Pandemic flying, in my book, Delta is running, not sprinting to that number one airline spot.

Route: ORD - ATL - BDA August 3rd, 2020
Mask is from Rachel, you can find her shop on Etsy and Instagram
Any questions, message me.
Side note: There have been several statements that numerous airlines are placing travelers on a do not fly list for mask refusal. Plan accordingly.

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