How to deal with the Negative Nellie’s

Sadly we all experience the type of people who can be down right nasty when it comes to traveling. Parents will literally stop talking to their own children for months on end. Co-workers offer up snide little remarks. At least you have your friends! Oh wait, I'm kidding they can't even be bothered to hear how exciting your trip was or look at pictures. Oh sure people will like your stellar pictures on Facebook or IG but they don't actually want to hear about it.

Here are somethings you may have heard:

+you're crazy

+why would you want to go there

+it's dangerous there

+what a waste of money

+you're being irresponsible

+okay, so are you done now?

+it's not healthy, just stay in one place

+isn't there terrorism there

+you're not in college anymore

+it's a war zone over there

+The famous, oh must be nice with a smile

A few years ago, a good friend of mine told me that if your parents are disappointed in the things that you do or the person you have become, it's really a direct reflection on how they feel about themselves being parents.

With that said my mom lives vicariously through my travels. Of course she worries about me when I’m gone and because of that, I have to post on Facebook daily so she knows I'm still alive. When it comes down to it though, she ultimately wants me to see every inch of the world that I possibly can. She's extremely proud of me in so many different ways and wants me to continue on living the life that she never did. Literally, my mum has never even seen an ocean.

On the other hand, my dad loved to take trips all over the US on his Harley-Davidson. When it came to going overseas to a place like Thailand—I can vividly recall watching Brooke Burke on the Travel Channel with him saying, "now, why do I need to go there when I can watch it right here". Honestly, he didn't like to be bothered by all the stressors that come along with travel; the planning, packing, and logistics. Instead, he would come home on a Friday afternoon and shout down the hallway, "Ashley Kaye, pack a back we're going on a road trip this weekend". Thirty minutes later we would be out the door and on the road—ready for adventure.

Unexpectedly my dad passed away towards the end of 2015 and that is when the strong desire to travel really set in. So of course I start off with all the basic stuff; following travel accounts on the gram, Pinterest boards galore, and obv I bought that scratch off map of the world. That map quickly made me realize that I've seen less than 1% of the world. my Grandma on the other hand, well she’s 80 and crazy. Ha Ha So I simply tell her I’m going to Florida every single time 😂😂. Then when I return home I wait until she's had two or three beers and fill her in on my latest adventure.



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