How to Edit Photos Using Snapseed

Have you ever stopped right in your tracks in awe of how breathtaking the scenery was around you and snap a photo? Only to return home and show off said beauties to friends and think to yourself “nah that can’t be it” or say “pictures just never do justice its way prettier in person”? NEVER AGAIN my friends, never again.

May I introduce you to an app called Snapseed!!

Owned by Google and it doesn’t matter if you’re team #iPhone or #Android, it’s available on both.

Follow along with the screenshots.

Step 1: Download Snapseed.

Set it all up, allow access to photos etc.

Step 2: Tap Open and select a photo to edit.

Once you select a photo, on the bottom of the screen you'll have three options; Looks, Tools, and Export.

Looks will have preset filters for you. Personally, for the perfect photo you'll want to pop into the tools.

Tools offers up about 28 different photo editing options. Ranging from white balance to glamour glow to grunge. Literally no matter what style photo you're looking for, Snapseed has you covered.

Export is how you will go about saving or sharing your masterpiece.

Step 3: Start with Tools > Tune Image.

My personal photo edits are used with only three steps:

Tune Image, HDR Scape, and Details.

Depending on the photo type, I always start with Tune Image and just slide up on my screen to go through the list in order of brightness, contrast, saturation, (be careful, you do not want orange skin!!) ambiance, highlights, shadows, and warmth. Play around until you find the perfect amount of each to make your photo come back to life.

Make sure to tap the check mark on the bottom right so that your edits save.

Step 4: Select Tools > HDR Scape

Yes, that’s right!






This really makes your photos come back to life and stand out again. You have four options; nature, people, fine, or strong. Also, when you're in HDR Scape editing mode you have the ability to adjust brightness and saturation. Find your perfect mark and tap the check mark so the adjustments save.

Step 5: Select Tools > Details.

Here you have two editing tools; Structure & Sharpening. This tool also allows you to edit the brightness and saturation. Find your mark and of course when you’re finished tap the check mark so the changes save.


Step 6: Last step is to save all your hard work to your camera roll!

Tap Export > here you have many options to save or share. In the past I used to just select save and then modify the image that was already saved to my camera roll. That quickly stopped after I spent a six hour flight editing 297 photos to find them all revert to the original images three weeks later. So now I highly recommend saving a copy instead.

** Bonus ** Snapseed automatically saves your last edits as a preset in the looks tab. This is really great if you have a bunch of photos that are all from the same landscape!! The downfall is that you have to open up each photo individually; you can't apply last edits to a group of photos.  It'll just be a stream of open > select photo > select looks > last edits > save image. Repeat.

Seriously check out the before & after here.

You'll never want to use a preset filter again!


Hopefully you found this post useful!! Snapseed not for you? Please share what your favorite apps or filters are in the comments.

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Happy editing loves <3


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