How To Book Cheap Flights

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Have you ever wondered how to book cheap flights all around the world? You're in the right spot! Here is a step by step tutorial on how to book cheap flights.

Google Flights Is Best at finding availability & it's super-fast 

-Not so good at finding the cheapest price or mistake fares (For mistake fares subscribe to Airfare Watchdog, Secret Flying, or Scott's Cheap Flights)

Momondo Is best at searching A LOT booking sites at once & Finding the cheapest fares. 

-Not so good at finding the best availability & it's really very slow.

Search the web privately in Incognito mode (Press Ctrl + Shift + n)

Step 1) Go to Google Flights and enter the airport codes for both your departure and arrival locations.


Helpful Hint: You can put in up to five airports in each box. Just make sure to separate each airport code with a comma. Some city codes incorporate three airports in one. For example NYC encompasses JFK, LGA, EWR and Washington (WAS) encompasses DCA, IAD, and BWI.

Step 2) Select your dates.

Once you click on the departure date, you will notice that flight prices will start to pop up under each day. The cheapest fares will be listed in green.

Scroll through the months and select whatever works best for you.

When is the best time to book? 
Well, sadly there is no exact answer and while everyone has
their own theory, here's mine:
 6-7 weeks out between Tuesday morning - Thursday at 8 am


Step 3) Select your departure flight.


Here Google will list out a bunch of different airline options.


For this example we're going to select our outbound flight with American Airlines for $637


Step 4) Select your return flight.

For this example, we're going to select our return flight with American Airlines for $637.

If you'd like to see more details such as flight number, etc you can click on the down arrow and it'll  breakdown each flight for you.

On the bottom you can click 'Select' and it will take you directly to the American Airlines website.

Now switch over to Momondo

Step 5) Search Momondo with the same airport codes and dates you choose in Google Flights.


Over time, you may even notice that Momondo may be cheaper than what you find on Google Flights!


You’ll notice that theref are thousands of results. This is why the sites takes so long to provide results.


Google Flights: $637

Momondo: $414

That's a savings of $223 ! !


Just like Google Flights, once you find the flight that is best suited for you, you can break down each flight to uncover more details.

Departure & Arrival details, like so:


When it comes to booking tickets, I prefer to book directly through an airline for these two reasons.

1. You get all the points for your flight, which you can bank up and eventually turn into a free flight.

2. Travel insurance!! When you book direct with the airline, you have the opportunity to add on travel insurance onto your ticket. Even though it can be pricey—it's better to be safe than sorry! Travel insurance not only covers the cost of your ticket if for any reason you miss your flight, however it also covers medical expenses and lost luggage.

Do you have a favorite method when it comes to saving money on flights? If so, please share below.

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