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Photographers are incredible beings. Honestly, there are so many inspirational and historic photographers out there in the world it is hard to make a complete list. During the great quarantine of 2020, I started to create a short list of my favorites that I follow on Instagram. Many of them have their own websites and YouTube channels that offer up free photography tips and lessons. Overtime, I will be adding more photographers to this post so please, stay tuned.

photographer Paul Nicklen

Paul Nicklen


Co-founder of Sea Legacy and NatGeo Contributor

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photographer Luis

Luis Maia

Outdoor & Landscape

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photographer Peter McKinnon

Peter McKinnon

Landscapes and Life


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Photographer Clark Little

Clark Little

Ocean, Marine Life, Wave Catcher


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photographer Kyle Dropik

Kyle Dropik

Outdoor, Landscape, and Animals

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There is so much to be said about photography. It is an art. Moments in time captured a single click. They have the power to evoke an idea, a memory, or emotion. It is truly incredible how many different styles and forms of photography there are out there. The classic statements such as, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and a picture is worth a thousand words are some of the truest sayings.

It allows one to be creative. For many photographers, it is not just about creating beautiful images. It is about the memories made when traveling to new places, exploring exciting new landscapes, and forming relationships with people all over the world. Getting to hear their stories and immerse yourself in different cultures.



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For me, every time I pick up a camera, I can learn something new and I think that is not only an important part of photography but also, life. Whether I am learning how to manually shoot in different settings, or I am getting a refresher on patience, you can always learn and grow. My favorite type of photos are black and white, sunsets, and animals. If you'd like to learn a little bit more about me, click here to read my story.

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