Electronic Devices. Always be sure to double check that you have each charger and any proper adapters that you might need. If you’re renting a car be sure to grab one of those cigarette USB chargers so you can charge on the go!

Batteries must be in your carry on or personal bag, you cannot check them!! 

Passport. Always keep this on your person!! If you want to be extra prepared, you can make copies of your passport and ID and keep one copy in your personal bag and the other one in your carry on. Utilize technology and email yourself images of your passport, driver’s license, and birth certificate. -Yes, I really do this and it’s come in handy on more than one occasion. Hopefully you won’t ever have to experience this but, here’s the official link for Lost or stolen Passports abroad requirements. 

Jewelry. Straws are the best thing ever when it comes to necklaces! Never again have a tangled up mess!

Anything of value should always be kept on you!
Sadly, I've heard hundreds of stories where people 
have had items stolen from checked bags. 
So please keep items of high dollar value or 
personal value with you at all times.

Ear buds. Music & Movies! You can actually pre-download Netflix shows and movies to your devices!

Chapstick. Planes always make my skin feel so dry including my lips. Also being in the ocean swimming or diving makes my lips super chapped so there’s usually at least five chapsticks between all my bags.

Wallet. Whenever you’re on the move, try to wear a jacket or some sort of sweatshirt with a zipper pocket. If you can have one with an inside zipper pocket, even better!! This is a recent habit of mine that developed after a friend of mine lost his wallet while we were in a foreign country. It was absolutely terrible to watch him in pure panic mode. Shoot, just misplacing my iPhone has caused a few minor heart attacks so I can’t imagine losing my wallet where you have very limited resources. This also ensures that your wallet doesn’t end up falling out of your pocket while you’re running to your gate or while riding a motorbike.

Hair ties. This may not apply to everyone but my wrist hasn’t been without a hair tie since 96′. Just like q-tips there’s quite a few rolling around in all of my bags.

Hat. Depending on where you’re going, you may not need this. But, if you do, wear it on your flight so that it doesn’t get smushed inside of your luggage.

Sunglasses. Because, the sun never sets on a bad ass. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

If you’re going from one extreme temperature to another, pack one full outfit in your backpack so you can change at the airport or on your flight. The perfect time to change is when the pilot announces that you’ll be landing in 30 minutes or so. Take that window of time to change your clothes and freshen up in the bathroom.


Drop a link to your favorite must have items.

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