Swim With Sharks & Rays in French Polynesia

Caution: If you continue on, you'll be adding this destination to your must travel list.


Such a magical experience!!

girl and boy sitting in a small boat in the ocean there is a black tip reef shark swimming in front of the boat. Image attached to Best drone shots by Ashley. Taken on the island of Moorea, French Polynesia

Can we all agree that this is absolutely amazing!!!

In my ultimate dream life, I would be doing this every single day. The water is warm and beyond beautiful. The rays aka pancake sharks are so soft and friendly. The sharks are so small and adorable... yeah I said adorable, call me crazy.

How to get there? All of these photos were from the Shark & Rays located on the island of Moorea. Click here to learn more about the magical island aka Moorea.

A) Guided Tour: The island is loaded with tour agencies so you will not have an issue booking a tour.

B) Create your own adventure: If you're up for it and you're comfortable driving a small boat, head over to The Tipaniers Hotel. [Google map pictured below] There is a free parking lot across the street. From there it's a two minute walk to the beach. Once you hit sand, head to your right about fifty feet and you will find the hut where you can rent boats, kayaks, or paddle boards. Cost when I was there was roughly $35/hour.

Driving to the Shark & Ray location is incredibly easy. It's maybe a 4 mins boat ride and that was going slowly. During peak hours (10am-3pm) makes it easier to locate as you will see the tour boats parked. Once you start to get closer, keep an eye out for a floating water bottles, that's where you'll park your boat.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Seriously, I could do this every single day for the rest of my life.


Google Maps:


If you interested in reading more about French Polynesia, click here for more detailed posts.

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underwater photo of a ray with text saying Swim with Sharks and rays in French Polynesia
underwater photo of a ray with a girl swimming towards it, text says Swim with Sharks and rays in French Polynesia
underwater photo of a black tip reef shark, text says Swim with Sharks and rays in French Polynesia

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