Emergency SOS; Lifesaving iPhone Setting

Information that just must be shared with everyone!

Recently I came across this life changing information and I had two thoughts:

One. This is brilliant.

Two. How in the world did I NOT know about this?!? Not only have I been team #TeamiPhone forever but I'm all over social media and I’m technically a millennial... so there’s that. Sigh, anyways.

What is Emergency SOS?

You know how bank tellers have that secret button under their desk that alerts authorities? Well now it’s like everyone with an iPhone has their very own secret button!

Emergency SOS gives you the ability to call local emergency services (police, fire, or medical) with a few clicks of the side button on your iPhone. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your hometown or in a foreign country. Yes, that’s right; your iPhone has those capabilities. 

Why Emergency SOS is a Lifesaver: It’s simple; it’s just brilliant for so many different dangerous situations, including medical emergencies! Also, if you choose to set up the Medical ID portion, it could be particularly helpful to the Paramedics responding. Having spent my career in health care I love this feature!!

How to set up your emergency contacts

 1. Open up the Settings.

2. Scroll down and Tap Emergency SOS.

3. Tap Set up Emergency Contacts in Health.

4. In the upper right hand corner tap Edit.

5. Two options will pop up from the bottom, Edit Medical ID & Edit Organ Donation, tap Edit Medical ID.

6. Scroll down and tap add emergency contact.

7. Select as many people as you would like. After you select each contact you will be prompted to enter the relationship sister, doctor, other etc.

8. When you’re finished tap Done.


How does it work?

  1. Press the side (sleep/wake) button on your iPhone 5 times quickly to activate SOS. In India, you only need to press the button three times.

  2. Depending on your settings, you may have to slide Emergency SOS bar or it will start a countdown and automatically call without you having to do anything.

  3. It will connect you to the local emergency number and a dispatcher will answer and send out the appropriate help.

  4. That’s not all!! Once the call ends, your phone will notify each of the emergency contacts you set up via text message, letting them know you have called emergency services. This message will also include your current location. Every time your location changes your iPhone will send out an updated text message to your emergency contacts until you turn it off. How amazing is that?!

*Note: Even if your location services are off, during this time they will temporarily be enabled.

To stop using Emergency SOS

Apple Watch - Simply select Stop Sharing in the notifications.

iPhone – Tap the status bar on and select Stop Sharing Emergency Location.

*If for some reason you don’t want to ever send your location to your emergency contacts you do have the ability to do so. Go into you iPhone Settings, and tap through these steps, Privacy, Location Services, System Services, and turn off Emergency SOS.

Let's get you set up!

 1. Open up the Settings on your iPhone.

2. Scroll down and Tap Emergency SOS.

3. Turn on the Call with Side button. You’ll know that it’s on when it turns green.

4. Turn on the Auto Call. Green = good or go aka ON.

5. Countdown Sound: When this is on, it will trigger a three-second warning sound that you're about to call emergency services. (Very loud) Pro, the sound allows you to know when you’ve accidentally enabled Emergency SOS so you can cancel the call. Con, depending on the situation it will make criminals aware of your location ... especially if you're trying to hide.

6. In the upper right hand corner tap Edit.

7. Two options will pop up from the bottom 
Edit Medical ID & Organ Donation, tap Edit Medical ID.

8. When you toggle on Show when Locked, that means that paramedics and other emergency personal will be able to see your medical conditions, medications, allergies, etc. from your locked screen.

9. After you’ve entered all of your information and emergency contacts tap Done.


Congratulations! You're all set up!

Maybe I’m just a little bit of technology nerd or I've watched way too many episodes of CSI? But, this could seriously be lifesaving in so many different scenarios!! This can also be extremely helpful while traveling since many countries actually have different numbers for police, fire, and medical services. If anyone has any great stories of using Emergency SOS while traveling, please share in the comments.

Even if you haven't personally had to use it, please share with your friends & family.

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