My Personal Scuba Diving Anxiety Experience

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It was my first open water dive and it went something like this. It an April day in beautiful San Diego, California. The air was chilly, and the water was even colder. The prescription mask that I special ordered didn’t arrive on-time. That lead me to borrow a mask with a prescription that was close to […]

How To Deal With Scuba Diving Anxiety

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Scuba diving is such a fun and incredible sport but, can be ruined by anxiety. There are many unrealistic and realistic fears our minds cycle over and over. In this post, we will cover a few preventative steps and a few tips you can use underwater. Most important of all, never, ever dive beyond your […]

First Time Visiting The Island of Moorea? Start Here

Have you been dreaming about white sand beaches and over water bungalows? You might want to start planning your trip to French Polynesia. Hands down, there is no way to deny that French Polynesia is a once in a lifetime, bucket list dream vacation destination! I’m sure you’ve heard of the infamous honeymoon like destinations […]