Spittal Pond Nature Reserve Bermuda

Spittal Pond also shows off an intense pink body of water

Along with Bermuda’s famous pink sand beaches, Spittal Pond also shows off an intense pink body of water once a year. This is caused by a seasonal bloom of billions microscopic phytoplankton cells. When the waters are warm and specific nutrients are enriched, they reproduce rapidly gifting visitors and residents with an amazing sight. Watch […]

Why You Should Book With Delta When Pandemic Flying

photo of ashley flying with delta and her wings

PANDEMIC FLYING: My experience with Delta, HIGHLY recommend BOOKING: Operating per usual. There are mask policies that are included with Terms and Conditions that you must agree to. If you have any questions about the destination you are traveling to, Delta has an online travel restriction guide. It includes information for every US state along with […]

Bermuda: Setting The Standard For Pandemic Tourism

Photo of the ocean with the words Bermuda

August 10th, 2020 When it comes to countries opening for tourism, the lovely island of Bermuda, famous for its pink sand beaches, is showing the rest of the world what they should be striving to achieve. On July 1st, 2020, the airport in Bermuda resumed operations. Today marks day 41 since Bermuda officially re-opened its […]

How to choose an Airbnb in Four Steps

Why Airbnb? Easy, it’s an awesome way to save money while traveling. Let’s start with the basics, what is Airbnb? It’s simply a spot where regular people just like me and you can put their homes or apartments up to rent out to us travelers. Many people stop right there and say wait, what? Isn’t […]