Three Best Beaches of Aruba




If you're looking for rest and relaxation, beautiful beaches with baby powder soft white sands, and great good, book a ticket to Aruba.

Ever since my trip, I’ve been dreaming about returning!

When should you visit Aruba? Anytime. The weather is great all year.

Rent a car. Before you head onto the plane, download Google Maps, search for Aruba, and download the entire map so it's available to you when you're offline. While, it is a small island there isn't public transportation available and trust me, you'll want to go exploring.

Explore. Aruba offers up a lot more than beautiful beaches; There's great scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, ATV tours, hiking, natural infinity pool, and much more.

Three Best Beaches

Arashi Beach is the northern most beach on the island. In addition to the beautiful location you can also find chair rentals, bathrooms, and a bar/restaurant with WiFi.

Eagle Beach is in the middle of the island and has even made it into Travel + Leisure mag's list of the '10 Best Beaches in the World'.

Baby Beach is the southernmost beach on the island and 1,000 percent worth the drive. Like Arashi beach, there are bars and restaurants on each end of the beach. If you're a scuba diver, highly recommend booking with Jads Dive Center. If not, you should still check them out at Baby Beach. They have a bar/restaurant with an infinity pool overlooking the entire beach.

If you'd like to visit the spots I found to be the best, check out my Google Map of Aruba.


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image of a girl leaning over the edge of an infinity pool in Aruba at Baby Beach. Text says, three best beaches of Aruba
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image of a girl laying in shallow water at Baby Beach in Aruba. Text says, three best beaches of Aruba

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