Tips to Make TSA Easier


If you're not a frequent flyer, airports can be busy and downright intimidating places. Every airport is different so it's important to be prepared prior to leaving for the airport. Below are ten easy steps you can take to make you TSA experience easier.

Maybe it's my type A personality but, I find airports to be absolutely incredible fine-tuned works of art. For example, John F. Kennedy airport in New York flies 170,000 passengers every single day. That's 5.1 million people a month, 62 million people every single year. Say those numbers out loud.

1. Consider getting TSA PreCheck or Global Entry. You should know, Global Entry comes with TSA PreCheck. Also, many cards like American Express will reimburse you for the expense. Who doesn't love free stuff?

2. Questions? You can easily contact Ask TSA on Facebook Messenger.

  1. Pack properly. Remember, electronics larger than a cell phone need to be placed in their own bin. So, be sure to pack them so they are easily accessible, not on the bottom of your bag.

  2. Dress appropriately. Without TSA PreCheck you will have to take off your shoes and go through a metal detector. Wear shoes that are easy to take off / put on and avoid big metal accessories. A watch or simple pair of earrings will not set off the metal detector.

  3. Curb check your bags. The entire world, especially airports are striving every single day to make all the processes quicker for everyone.

  1. Have your documents.Utilize airline apps or the kiosks to get your boarding pass. Just as you packed your bag to ensure easy access for electronics and liquids, you need to make sure you have your identification and boarding pass. Consider a jacket that has zippered pockets inside.
  2. Empty your pockets.While standing in line, empty the contents of your pockets into your bag. Trust me, it will save you time dealing with the bins and most importantly, you won't walk away without your items. As a frequent flyer, I've seen way too many people walk away leaving their keys, pocket change, watch, etc. behind.
  3. Listen to TSA officers. Every airport is a little different so, it's important to listen to the TSA officers. In most airports, you'll hear them yelling things out. Pay attention and things will go faster for everyone.

9.  Remember your manners.  Everyone is either trying to do their job or get to their destination smoothly. It costs you nothing to be kind.

10. First Flight. The earlier flight, the better. Lines are shorter.  There are less delays. Also, the staff members are usually in a better mood. Keep in mind, high demand equals higher cost. If you can, avoid flying on holidays and Thursday through Monday.

After you breeze through TSA, enjoy your flight.

Frequent flier friends, what are you tips to make TSA easier?

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