Part One: TOP 3 reasons why I travel and why I cried in Tijuana.

Hola, I get a lot of messages asking me why I travel so much … actually probably more questions on how I can afford to travel. So, I just wanted to make this little video on the top three reasons why I travel.

First of all, the world is an amazing place full of cool shit and you should see it while you still can.

Second, is health, I’m a bipedal human right now but I have a really bad ankle injury and I don’t really know how much longer I’m going to be able to do all this really cool shit like hiking, biking, and scuba diving. So yeah, I gotta get it all in while I still can … who wants to be 60 traveling with a walker anyways. (Just kidding, I will sooo be that lady!!)

Saving the best for last, number three -- the biggest reason why travel is, my dad. 

He’s kind of also why I am making this video today. Today marks three years since he passed away. Little deep breath there.

So little background here, whenever we’re sitting around chatting about my dad, they’re just full of these hilarious, crazy stories about all of his adventures that he used to take. Usually motorcycle trips but, growing up we would just go everywhere. He would come home from work on Friday and yell down the hallway ‘pack a big kid’ and I would be so excited shouting back, “where are we going?” and he would just be like, “I have no idea” and that’s the absolute truth. Because, he really did not have any destination. We would pack up the car or bike and pick a direction and just go.

Recently, as you all know I was down into Tijuana for a little bit and yeah so how did I get there? Well, I had a day or two of freedom, so I left the LA area and used a handy-dandy little app called maps. I would just pick a place on the map drive there hang out at the beach for a half hour, look at the map pick somewhere to go to eat for lunch, go there hang out, pick out another beach go there, hang out there for a few hours all the way down to Tijuana.

Stayed down there in an awesome Airbnb, overnight Oceanside. Tijuana is all right, it kind of smells like hot garbage a little bit, really good people, a little bit a crime … but really good tacos.

So why? A lot of people say why would you go there? Especially by yourself. You’re crazy. There’s a long history on why wanted to take this trip and why I want to take another longer trip of the Pacific Coast Highway One.

About five years ago my dad sister, Vicki, was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer and given weeks to live. So, my dad came up with this marvelous idea of renting an RV and going down the coast with whole family. And if you’ve ever heard of a family vacation story of ours you would know that they are less than perfect but very memorable in the long run.

My dad met a German guy out in Sturgis one year who takes his motorcycle all around the world and does these awesome bike rides and he just raved to my dad that the Pacific Highway Coast One is hands-down the best trip that you will ever take your entire life. So that why my dad wanted to do this when she was sick and it ..  it never happened, she passed away really quickly.

Two more years passed, and we talked about going with the whole family. My cousin rick and I were pretty into it but we never went. So those two years passed and so did my dad. It’s a little odd he never went because he would always pick up and go wherever he wanted.

So he never got to go.

So yeah, that’s why I did this (road trip to Tijuana) and that’s why I travel. I want the memories, I want people to be sitting around the kitchen table telling crazy stories of my adventures that I went on people like we do with my dad. And, I want other people to have that too. I think that’s kind of why I started this whole social media, travel oriented stuff. It’s been three years and I’ve been to several countries, I drove on the autobahn. Which was a amazing because people in Wisconsin do not know how to drive very well. I have been to Third World countries which was extremely humbling and honestly I kind of really needed because I’m kind of an asshole so yeah. Just scuba diving in different waters, seeing amazing marine life, meeting some really kick ass people who are doing awesome things. So, I guess my answer to everybody that’s messaging me all the time is just -- figure out if you really want to do this or not and then reprioritize your life.

I mean you don’t even have to have a plan.

My biggest thing is that I was always waiting for other people to come with me on trips and it just doesn’t really work out that way. And if I’m honest solo traveling is a little bit nicer. You don’t have to put up with anybody else’s crap. You don’t have to wait for them, you can and just do your own thing. Fly by the seat of your pants.

It’s your trip it.

Your journey.

Just go do whatever you want.

You can make an itinerary if you want, if that’s your style. I mean the most important part is that you just go. So yeah pretty happy I did this live and really happy that I didn’t cry.

Real quick I’m gonna end this video but, I want to say thank you to everyone who has been reading, liking, and commenting, on all my social media. Adding people into the Facebook travel group for flight deals, I really appreciate it. And I see you.

And as my grandma would say,

God bless good night


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What motivates you to travel? Leave a reason or two in the comments. Xoxo

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