Tips For Your Plant Based Diet

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With unlimited knowledge and resources at our fingertips we are all learning, growing, and focusing on our health more than ever. Lately, a lot of us have been shifting towards a plant-based diet but, really struggling to find our way.

It is my hope that you will be able to stay on your plant based diet a little easier by using a few of my favorites from this post.

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Health Benefits:

The biggest thing that has helped me is, Imperfect Foods. In 2019, I set a goal to be as vegan as possible. By having my groceries delivered with Imperfect Foods, I also avoided going to the grocery store where we all run the risk of buying unnecessary items. Click here to see if they deliver in your area. PS that link also gives you money off your first order.

Real quick, two things.

One, you will still get plenty of protein.

Two, it is cheaper than you think.


A few of my immediate concerns were:

a) I do not want to eat a substitute meat product.

b) I’m not going to consume processed foods.

c) What kind of meals can I make?

Promise, it will not take you long to realize you simply need to add more ingredients, learn to cook new things, and play around with all those spices. You know the ones that came in that cute set you had to have but, never really used them all.

With every delivery from Imperfect foods, I made sure to select at least two items that I have never cooked with before. This gave me time to look up different recipes for those items and get excited to cook them.


My Favorites

Black Beans are a wonderful way to ‘Beef’ up your red sauces. Personally, Italian dishes are my absolute favorite to cook. It's totally normal for me to spend 3-4 hours making my sauce. When doing this, I go the extra mile and cut my beans in half. That way, it tricks your tongue into thinking its tiny pieces of meat.

  • Eggplant Parmesan add your black bean sauce plus mushrooms, spinach, and fresh tomatoes.
  • All the pasta. Fix it up anyway you like. Keep it fresh, one time add fresh basil and then the next time add peas or carrots.
  • Italian stuffed peppers
  • Zucchini Lasagna

Chickpeas, also known as, Garbanzo beans.

  • Roast with some salt
  • Mash it up with some mayo or vegan mayo, salt, and pepper. Add to a piece of toast with lettuce and tomato to make an open-faced sandwich.
    • Can go a bunch of different directions with this: Add taco seasoning, vegan mayo, BBQ, etc.
  • Use the juice as an egg replacement. Three tablespoons equal one egg. For real, I made a chocolate mousse with the juice and we were both blown away by how good it was.
  • Add to sauces & salads

Cashews soaked overnight make an excellent Parmesan cheese! Click here for a recipe by one of my favorites, The Minimalist Baker.

Lentils cooked with some onions and carrots with a side of rice.

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Potatoes. All of them. Red, white, yellow, or sweet. Any way, shape, or form.

  • Mashed potatoes
  • Bake a trio of French fries
  • Shredded for a hash browns
  • Cubed for breakfast or brunch
  • Bake thin chip and use them as nacho chips
  • Mashed potatoes with Yukon gold or yellow potatoes and carrots.

Vegetable stock can be added to just about everything and it's incredibly easy to make your own. Save all those ends you cut off and throw away. Boil them with some salt, pepper, and voila you have some stock. Another trick I use all the time is, baking celery, carrots, and onions together and then I use that liquid for mashed potatoes instead of milk.

Rice dishes are extremely easy, very cheap, and you can make thousands of different dishes.

Pasta dishes are also extremely easy and cheap. Sometimes a dinner as simple as a no 5 noodle with olive oil, salt, and fresh basil it the best meal in the house.


Best of luck with your plant based diet! Honestly, the best way is to keep it as simple as possible. If, you stay away from foods with labels you'll be just fine. Keep it easy, keep it fun, live your life to the fullest, and I hope you found this post useful for your plant based diet.


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banana leaf with text tips for your plant based diet from
banana leaf with text tips for your plant based diet from
banana leaf with text tips for your plant based diet from

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